Why Partners National ICSG

Partners National ICSG provides its clients with industry leading service and a uniquely comprehensive service approach.  Please see the following distinguishing factors about Partners National ICSG:


Tenant Only Specialization.  We do not represent professional landlords, but rather are 100% focused on the corporate end user of commercial real estate.  This eliminates conflicts of interest with representing both professional landlords and tenants and avoids any potential intermediary situations.
Industrial Specialization.  Partners National ICSG specializes in serving companies in the distribution, logistics, retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries.  With a solid background in tenant industrial projects as a starting point, we work hard to learn our client’s business and to provide results that matter.
True Single Point of Contact.  Unlike typical brokerage firms, we do not simply hand off our client projects to brokers located in other markets.  Our extensive quality control measures ensure that we handle each phase of each project.  This type of hands on attention results in great service and satisfied clients.
Comprehensive Market Research.  Partners National ICSG provides custom tailored and verified market information for every project, regardless of location throughout the US.  Although industry standard is to assume local market knowledge due to proximity, Partners National ICSG makes market information gathering a priority, spending a vast amount of time researching all available options to ensure our client receives up to date and exceedingly accurate market evaluations.
Client-Centered Culture.  Partners National ICSG is focused on long term relationships with its clients.  We want clients to work with us because of our responsive, proactive and hard working nature.  We strive to add maximum value on every project for our clients and think of ourselves as an extension of the companies that we represent.  Our client relationships depend on this approach and we retain these valued clients because of it.